I have a multisite and multilanguage setup (craft 3).

SiteADe => siteA.com/de
SiteAFr => siteA.com/fr

SiteBDe => siteB.com/de (primary site)
SiteBFr => siteB.com/fr

ALL sites have a language identifier.

On my server I configured each website to the same directory and files.
So there's only one .env file and general.php for all websites.

The first structure entry of each website has "__home__" as slug.

All sites should be redirected to their language identifier.
e.g. siteA.com should be redirected to siteA.com/<browserlanguage>

Problem with this setup: Everything works as expected as long as the language identifier is in the URL.

Problem begins if there's no language identifier in the URL:
Craft will only work properly on the primary site.

E.g. a sitemap.xml file will always be redirected to the primary site.
404 Errors are only displayed on the primary site. e.g. siteA.com/daksdf

I've managed to get around this by placing some hacky twig code within the __home__ template.

Anyways: I suspect that I'm taking the wrong approach on this.

How would I best setup my (web)sites?

And how would I forward them to /<browserlanguage>?

Any help appreciated!

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