From within a plugin/module using PHP; is there a way to query all element types being used, including custom elements?

I know in the elements database table there is a type column that I could potentially query. But I wasn't sure if there is a native Craft method I could take advantage of instead?

In an ideal world I just need an array of all the element types:


['asset', 'category', 'entry', 'globalset', 'matrixblock', 'tag', 'user', 'single', 'event', 'product']```

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Ok, I found this:


  • Whilst this mostly works, in my case it doesn't include Solspace\Calendar\Elements\Event which is in the elements → types column. But it does include verbb\supertable\elements\SuperTableBlockElement which isn't in the same database column. Seems a bit backwards, but currently doesn't impact what I wanted to acheive. Jan 4, 2021 at 23:11

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