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In my admin panel I have globals set called X (under "Globals" from the sidebar and defined in craft_globalsets in the db from Global->Settings->New global set).

A field for the field layout for the global set is defined by using as Content a Field type Y of Matrix type with several plain texts fields A,B,C,...

How do I check/show such fields' values (A, B, C, ...) in twig?

What I have tried: I see that in the other parts of the code the handle defined in craft_globalsets (or equivalently in Settings->Globals) is used to fetch the globals' field value

e.g. for Globals -> set 'K' (handle in craft_globalsets: kHandle) there are several plaintext inputs and such are accessed in twig as:

{{ kHandle.firstField}}

and in fact it works - but when I od the same with set X


it's null

I have also tried to do

{% set matrixFields = craft.fields.getFieldByHandle('Y') %} {{ matrixFields }}

but this returned only the field name.

Perhaps I should do something like {{ xHandle.firstFiledInTheMatrix.getMatrixContent | getFieldContent }} and a for loop on this? (currently guessing the function names here)

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You should be able to get your content by using a for loop on your Matrix field:

{% for blocks in kHandle.yourMatrixfieldHandle.all() %}
    {{ block.fieldHandle }}
{% endfor %}

Alternatively, if you only have one block in there, you could use:

{{ kHandle.yourMatrixfieldHandle.first().fieldHandle }}

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