I am in process of doing a new installation of CraftCMS, and I have the site up and configured. When I select the "Go to your control panel" link I am getting a Craft 404 error: "HTTP 404 – Not Found – yii\web\NotFoundHttpException Template not found: unavailable", trying to take me too "https:///admin". When I manually enter: "https:///index.php?p=admin/login", I can get to the admin login page.


When I log in from there it goes back to the same 404 error. I am thinking it could be the rewrite rule is not working properly because at the bottom of the error page I do see "p=unavailable".


I have tested the rewrite rule in IIS and it does not seem correct to me:


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have been fighting with this installation for a couple of days now and late nights it seems I am getting close and I think if I could get around this last issues I will be good, but I thought that with the last one.

Amazingly enough, after I logged in and went to the 404 page, I was able to manually type in: https:///index.php?p=admin/dashboard and was able to see the dashboard, but as soon as you click on anything it goes back to the 404.

  • What's the part that's been redacted? localhost or an actual dev domain? i.e. mytestsite.test?
    – Brad Bell
    Commented Dec 18, 2020 at 20:57


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