I'm using the headless Craft together with decoupled frontend on Nuxt.js. I have to implement Craft Commerce 3 cart logic on the frontend, for that purpose I'm using graphQl/axios requests.

However each time I call http://example.com?action=commerce/cart/update-cart&note=from+ajax with cart payload it returns me a new cart with added product (doesn't update the current cart, but returns a new cart each time).

Is there something I'm missing in my payload/headers to keep the same cart?

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    You're not using Commerce Lite by any chance are you - it has a 1 item in cart limit, so would probably behave like that. You need Pro for multiple items in a cart... Commented Dec 9, 2020 at 22:04
  • Currently in development stage I'm using Pro trial version, also the same request done in Postman gives the proper result (updates the same cart). Even if I call action=commerce/cart/load-cart&note=from+ajax&number={number} first to load the current cart, it still returns me a new one on update. May it be something related to cookies/session?
    – Alex89
    Commented Dec 10, 2020 at 9:41

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UPD: after some hours of research I found the solution in this topic:

CORS preflight check failing for AJAX login form on different domain

Also I had to pass the orderNumber parameter with the value of cart number in payload.

However I have a different issue now. First I call ?action=commerce/cart/load-cart&note=from+ajax&number={number} to load my stored card into the session. Then I call action=commerce/cart/get-cart&note=from+ajax to get the content of the cart I loaded in step one, but it returns me a new empty cart. I suppose there is something to deal with the CraftSessionId in headers, am I right?

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UPD 2: Spending more hours gave me the solution:

It seems like Ajax generates a new sessionId with each call, so it's impossible to preserve cart along with session Id in that case. As workaround I was trying to pass session id cookie manually, but it was rejected by Axios.

What I have found is that you can actually call action=commerce/cart/get-cart&note=from+ajax as POST request with passing the following body:

    "orderNumber": "{{ number of a cart }}"

So it can be used to load the cart you actually need. Therefore there is no need to use ?action=commerce/cart/load-cart&note=from+ajax&number={number} cause it works only with sessions.

The only thing you need is to store cart number in your localStorage or store to pass it as body parameter

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