I'm trying to add an action after user signup so that we can post the clients external system so we can retrieve a customer number that we require. My question is does EVENT_BEFORE_VERIFY_EMAIL run as soon as the user signs up or is their another method of achieving this.

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You could use the EVENT_AFTER_SAVE event to handle this, if you don't need the external call to be made before the user has verified their email.

Something like this:

    function(ModelEvent $event) {
        /** @var User $user */
        $user = $event->sender;

        // If this is a new user
        if ($event->isNew) {
            // Call external system here
  • Thank you that's exactly what I was looking for since account verification won't be needed for the store but we still need to create a new customer on their internal system.
    – spence
    Dec 1, 2020 at 17:49

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