Having recently upgraded a dev instance of CraftCMS 2.6 to 3.5, I'm trying to add the plugins via the store. I can find all the plug-ins I want to add, however there's no option on the page to add / try the plug-in. I figure I've probably missed something basic.

Anyone got an idea of what I should be looking for here?

(am pretty new to this environment...)

enter image description here


If you look in your config/general.php, you will probably find that you have 'allowUpdates' => false set for the environment you are trying to trial the plugin on (stage/prod?).

Change that to 'allowUpdates' => true and you will be able to install what you want.

  • Thanks - I'm accepting this as the answer - i also had in the config 'allowAutoUpdates' which I also had to set to true for this to work propoerly. Thanks for the tip. – RocksaltAU Nov 17 '20 at 2:51

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