How do I display an asset (PDF) from both site languages on both sites? I would like to offer both German and English versions of a PDF on both the English and German sites.

I now have {{ entry.PDF.url }} and wondered if I can add a .site() direction to the entry query.

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You could try and fetch the other pdf by creating an entry query for the different language, and getting the pdf from there.

{# if you have only 2 languages: #}
{% set otherLanguage = craft.entries().id(entry.id).siteId(['not', entry.siteId).one() %}
{{ otherLanguage.PDF.url }}

{# if you have more languages (and want all the PDFs: #}
{% set otherLanguages = craft.entries().id(entry.id).siteId(['not', entry.siteId).all() %}
{% for $otherLanguage in $otherLanguages %}
    {{ otherLanguage.PDF.url }}
{% endfor %}
  • THanks, that works!!
    – Matthias
    Nov 13, 2020 at 11:04

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