I'm attempting to use FeedMe to import a CSV list of entries exported from Google Sheets. I have a column labeled "Categories" and an entry with category1,category2 as the value. I set up the feedMe job pointing to the CSV and the categories field to point to this column. However it is not importing/creating two categories (the expected behavior)rather it is just creating one category with the name "category1,category2" -- am I doing something wrong as far as how to list out multiple categories in CSV? Can Feedme handle a comma separated list like this?

If I convert the sheet to a json, it produces: "Categories": "Category1, Category2" which does not work either - however if I edit the json to be "Categories": ["Category1", "Category2"] that works - but manually editing it is not really an option on my final spreadsheet as it will have over a 1000 entries.

If there's an easy way to convert the sheet/csv to correct Json I'd be open to that too.

Any help would be appreciated.

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You can do this with CSV by setting a dataDelimiter in a config/feed-me.php files (see docs).

If you set the dataDelimiter to be | for example, then your CSV could be:

"title", "Categories"
"Some title", "Category1|Category2"

Doing this should let you import multiple categories from CSV.

  • This worked - thank you! Commented Nov 12, 2020 at 14:07

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