I have a custom element index with an element action to 'Approve' elements.

The element index has 'Live' and 'Staged' sources.

Where/how do I set it to only show this action on the 'staged' source OR just on a selection that contains an element that is not approved (latter probably better).

I've looked at the existing 'Delete' action and see that this uses a data attribute on the element index items 'data-deletable', how do I inject my own data attribute into the listing i.e. 'date-approvable'?

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I've figured out how I can do it, but it doesn't feel like the best way.

What I've done is hooked on to the showActionTrigger event, then hidden the button if the source != 'staged'

showActionTriggers: function() {
    if (this.$source.data('key') != 'staged')

I have a feeling the best way is to build the JS on the element action class, under getTriggerHtml, but this will do for now.

Slowly getting my head around the CP js 🤯

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