When i try setup db in craft 3 at windows with composer using php craft setup/db command it give me

Which database driver are you using? [mysql,pgsql,?]: pgsql
Database server name or IP address: []
Database port: [5432]
Database username: [root]
Database password:
Database name: cmsdb
Database schema: [public]
Database table prefix:
Testing database credentials ... failed: could not find driver
Database server name or IP address: []```

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This might be the problem with the pgsql driver.

You need to install and activate postgresql extension in PHP

You can use below command to install it.

[sudo] apt-get install php-pgsql

For activating it, uncomment pgsql and pdo-pgsql extensions in etc/php/$PHP_VERSION/apache2/php.ini file.

After all this you need to restart you apache server and the try to connect again.

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