I'm making a staff page with a User field type, so you select all the users you want displayed. I'm having trouble showing each user's photo though. This works:

{% for user in block.staffList.all() %}
   Image URL: {{ craft.assets.id(user.photoId).one().url }}
{% endfor %}

But seems far from the ideal solution. Is there a more graceful way to do this?

  • Ok, this works: {{ user.photoUrl(user.id) }}, but still seems a little redundant – Bryce Sep 25 at 20:54

It works very simply. Note that the photo field is an asset object, not an array of asset objects.

{% for user in block.staffList.all() %}
   Image URL: {{ user.photo.getUrl() }}
{% endfor %}
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  • That's the ticket, thanks! Just a quick note: to skip over people that don't have photos, you can use {% if member.photo is not null %} – Bryce Sep 27 at 17:53
  • @Bryce Of course, you can still do eager loading and caching {% for user in block.staffList.with(['photo']).all() %} . I gave a short answer, Craft CMS has many methods to optimize. – Pavel Pavlovich Sep 28 at 7:29

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