I'm using the Store Hours plugin inside of a Matrix field along with a text input field. The global is called specialHours and the matrix has the same name.

I access the text input like this which works:

{% for block in specialHours.specialHours %}

<h2>{{ block.heading }}</h2>

{% endfor %}

What I don't understand is how to loop through the store hours days. This is not working:

{% for day in block.specialHours %}
<tr><td> <strong>{{ day.name }}</strong> </td><td>{% if day.isBlank %}
            {% else %}
                {{ day.open|time('ga') }} - {{ day.close|time('ga') }}
            {% endif %}</td></tr>

Any ideas? Thank you!

  • Does anyone have any ideas on this? Need to figure out if store hours is going to work inside a Matrix field. Thanks! – fodney Sep 30 at 15:25
  • Last try. Anyone have any ideas? – fodney Oct 2 at 16:01

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