I am using this solution to get the latest article with a video. This works great, until I delete the Matrix block in my latest entry with video, then it still finds that entry, but without any data. I think Craft does not actually delete the Matrix block from the database?

I did not want to retrieve all items and then filter them in Twig, that's why I used orderBy and one(). How can I skip the Matrix blocks that are empty/deleted??

{% set videoNews = craft.entries .section('news') .leftJoin('{{%matrixblocks}} as matrixblocks', 'matrixblocks.ownerId = entries.id') .andWhere({'matrixblocks.typeId': 5 }) .orderBy('postDate desc') .one() %}

PS I am unable to comment in that thread, so I posted a new question, hope this is the way to go.

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