I have some matrix fields defined:

enter image description here

But when I use the matrix blocks inside of an entry - I don't get all blocks - just the richText ones.

I tested it out - just the richtText Matrix blocks will be loaded when I do:

  {% include "_private/partials/matrix" with {blocks: entry.bodyContent.all()} %}

Is there something I am missing, or is this a bug?

Would be great if someone could help.


Without seeing the code of your template _private/partials/matrix it's not easy to help you.

Maybe you need to check the block type first. I usually do that with a switch and have a different partial for each block.

So your template _private/partials/matrix could look something like this:

{% for block in blocks %}
  {% switch block.type %}
    {% case "richText" %}
      {% include "_private/partials/richtext" %}
    {% case "quote" %}
      {% include "_private/partials/qoute" %}
    {% case "image" %}
      {% include "_private/partials/image" %}
    {% case "embed" %}
      {% include "_private/partials/embed" %}
    {% default %}
  {% endswitch %}
{% endfor %}

The quote partial could look something like this

{# do something with block.style #}
  • Thank you for help. The problem is, there are just the Matrix objects with the type of 'richText' the rest ist not even fetched.
    – Slowwie
    Sep 23 '20 at 11:19

I found a solution:

{% include "_private/partials/matrix" with {blocks: entry.bodyContent.typeId(null).all()} %}

This fetches all Matrixobjects from any type. So it works now.

But I don't undestand, why this is necessary. Maybe its because I used for my first project this Blogstarter.

Maybe there are some relicts from craft2 inside.

So I have the solution to my problem - but it would be nice to know why this was necessary.

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