I need to create an ancestor tree where you can specify (in a single entry) the names of ancestors about 3 levels deep. Basically, I need a table with varying column numbers (2 at first level, 4 at second, 8 at 3rd level), but I also need it to be easy and intuitive to administrate.

I'm just looking for input from fellow implementors to spark some ideas on how this is solvable.

One idea is to use a matrix where you can add 1/2/3rd level entries, but that opens up the possibility for errors and wrong order of content which I need to account for.

Another idea might be to just have 14 fields for it, and then separate them by tabs or something. Also, the new craft 3.5 layout possiblity on fields are an improvement but only allows up to 4 columns (on desktop) which makes it a bit bulky. It's mostly the administrative layout that is the problem I'm trying to solve, they will always have a fully populated family tree.

I've also looked at some field plugins, but it's hard to tell if a plugin solves this nicely since descriptions are often very sparse, so I'm hoping someone can share their experiences.

To get an idea on what I'm trying to solve:

enter image description here

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