After a form is saved I need to concatenate together the {{proposalCompanyName}} handle with the {{proposalFileUpload}} handle so that the saved filename in the Assets folder is proposalCompanyName.proposalFileUpload.extension. This is the event code in my module/plugin I've figured so far:

Event::on(Entry::class, Entry::EVENT_AFTER_SAVE, function(Event $event) {

            if (Craft::$app->request->isSiteRequest)
                $formEntryElement = $event->sender;
                $userSubmittedName = Craft::$app->fields->getFieldByHandle('proposalCompanyName');
                $userSubmittedFilename = Craft::$app->fields->getFieldByHandle('proposalFileUpload');
                $concatFilename = $userSubmittedName.$userSubmittedFilename;

                $formEntryElement->set($concatFilename => $userSubmittedFilename);


Thank you for any input or criticisms.

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