I'm trying to edit a section on the following webpage:


I am new to Craft and this has been a website handed to us to be updated after being built by someone else,

In the second section of this webpage there is an interactive map which I am wanting to edit (see image attached if you are unsure of what I mean):

Does anyone know how they have built this, is it a plugin? Within Craft they have been using a plugin called Field Manager,

Below is what I need to edit on the map:

  1. I need to edit the background part that is not interactive and upload a new file to replace the one in there with updated information
  2. I need to change the background colour of the sold lots which currently have a red dot on them
  3. I need to remove the text that says "High Park Release" and also the background

eden gardens interactive map

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    Hi Jordan, welcome. Are you a developer? Can you share with us the Twig code that is generating the map? Please edit your question and add the Twig snippet responsible for producing the map. Thanks! – Lindsey D Sep 9 at 7:10

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