I'm facing a weird issue here.

I'm developing a CraftCMS based website and all seem to be working fine, until after a few requests (clicking around 4 ~ 5 requests) the website seem to keep loading and gets stuck, then browser returns an ERR_CONNECTION RESET error.

The weird thing is: Accessing any part of that domain on any browser within the network that I'm in gives seem to give an unresponsive (stuck loading forever). However accessing the domain from a different network seem to be working just fine. Restarting Apache server also does not seem to solve the issue.

I moved the site from one domain to another but the same problem persists.

Appreciate your help.

  • CraftCMS v3.4 (devMode)
  • PHP 7.4 (with all the recommended CraftCMS settings max_execution_time and memory)
  • MySQL database
  • What happens if you turn dev mode off? – RitterKnight Sep 2 at 19:34
  • The same thing, no effect, also tried to change the environment to everything else "production", "staging", same effect. – TechMafioso Sep 2 at 20:14
  • Weird. Might be some overly strict mod_security settings in apache? Who's hosting? – RitterKnight Sep 3 at 16:30
  • It's a DigitalOcean VPS hosting, I don't think I have mod_security on I didn't see it loaded as part of Apache2 modules. – TechMafioso Sep 3 at 20:38

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