I have come across a problem when trying to install Craft CMS using composer. I'm hoping someone maybe able to help me out.

I'm trying to install Craft CMS using composer for the first time. In the past I have usually downloaded the files manually. I have setup the project within the VS code built in terminal but have run into an error when trying to setup the database. After creating a MySQL database on a Linux/Windows server, I don't seem to be able to connect to it through my local project. All the details I'm using are correct and have been checked numerous times.

After I have input all the details the setup asks for, I get this message

Testing database credentials ... failed: could not find driver

Can anyone help me out with why this maybe happening. I'm not experienced at all with setting up Craft in this way. Much appreciated.

  • I am working on Windows 10. My PHP version is 7.4.9. Composer 1.10.10

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