I wrote a query like this:

 $query = (new Query())
        ->select('COUNT(elements.id) as count, tags.*')
        ->join('INNER JOIN', 'tags', '{{relations}}.targetId={{tags}}.id')
        ->join('LEFT JOIN', 'content', '{{content}}.elementId={{tags}}.id')
        ->join('LEFT JOIN', 'elements', '{{elements}}.id={{tags}}.id')
            'elements.enabled' => 1,
            'elements.revisionId' => NULL
        ->orderBy('count DESC');

So my intention there is to fetch all tags wich have content and do have revisionId IS NULL.

But it never works. I get just all the relations including these one related to elements with a revisionId not null.

Can someone help me in this issue.

I am completely new to craft and use to the symfony query builder wich is kind of different.


I found the solution and posted it here in another issue related to this problem.

Here is my solution (just the code):

$query = (new Query())
        '{{relations}}.targetId as id',
        'COUNT({{relations.targetId}}) as count',
        '{{content}}.title as title'
    ->leftJoin('tags', '{{relations}}.targetId={{tags}}.id')
    ->leftJoin('content', '{{content}}.elementId={{tags}}.id')
    ->leftJoin('elements', '{{elements}}.id={{tags}}.id')
    ->leftJoin('elements source', '{{source}}.id={{relations}}.sourceId')
        '{{elements}}.enabled' => 1,
        '{{source}}.enabled' => 1,
        '{{source}}.revisionId' => NULL,
        '{{source}}.draftId' => NULL,
    ->groupBy('id, title')
    ->orderBy( 'count DESC, title ASC')


if (is_numeric($limit) && !is_null($limit)) {

$results = $query->all();

foreach ($results as $key => $value) {
    $id = $value['id'];
    $results[$key] = Tag::find()->id($id)->one();

return $results;

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