I'm using graphql to pull in some assets/pdfs and ordering them by dateCreated, however the files go back a few years (i.e. files from 2019, files from 2018 etc.) but they weren't uploaded in the correct chronological order. Is there a way I can change the 'dateCreated' or 'Created at' date? I changed the dateCreated column within the assets table of the database, but that didn't change anything within Craft or the graphql query.

Any help is appreciated.


The dateCreated column you're referring to is more of a minimum internal audit trail that Craft uses when a new row is inserted into the database (along with dateUpdated).

Is sounds like you want something that references the original time the asset was created, which would be stored in the images EXIF/metadata. You could write a plugin that read that information: https://craftcms.stackexchange.com/a/8521/57

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