If there are multiple shipping methods available for an order, is there way to control the order in which they appear?

The CP doesn't seem to offer a way to re-order them. I'm using something like the following code to retrieve all available methods.

{% for handle, method in cart.availableShippingMethods %}
<input type="radio" id="{{ handle }}" name="shippingMethodHandle" value="{{ handle }}" />
<label for="{{ handle }}">{{ method.name }}</label><br>
{% endfor %}

Craft Pro ( & Craft Commerce Pro (3.1.12)


I don't think there is any in-built way to do this, no.

A relatively easy hack to achieve it, though, is to loop through your shipping methods (as youare) - but rather than directly outputting them, instead add the data to a twig array (possibly adding some extra data long the way, such as a sortOrder of your choosing, based on the handle) - and then use Twig's sort to sort your options based on your desired criteria (e.g. the aformentioned sortOrder or just by e.g. the price - before then actually outputting those options from the array, rather than the initial direct loop.

It's not awesome/elegant, but it works!

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