First of all, the last time I did php was 10 years ago in school, so I'm basically a noob :D

I have two channels, let's say shops and products. Shops contains a matrix field composed of a product entry field and a price field to make an ultra simple pivot table like behavior (like proposed in a previous question), so I can have shops linked to products with a specific price per shop.

I made a controller to have a custom api endpoint with a basket parameter, where multiple users can select products in a vue frontend. The goal is to calculate per shop the price of all products for all users and sort it.

It works the way I did it, but there is a lot of room for optimisation.

Here is my code, keep in mind that the business case here is fake to simplify the code;

public function actionResults($basket): String

    $shops = Entry::find()->section('shops')->all();
    $profile = json_decode($basket);
    $results = [];

    foreach ($shops as $shop)
        // basket contains users that contains the selected products
        $price = $this->calculatePrice($shop, $basket->users);
        // fill $results array with total price and other fields to be sent back

    usort($results, function($a, $b) {
        if ($a->totalPrice == $b->totalPrice)
            return 0;
        else if ($a->totalPrice > $b->totalPrice)
            return -1;
        else {
            return 1;

    return Json::encode($results);

private function calculatePrice($shop, $users)
    $totalPrice = 0;

    foreach ($users as $user){
        foreach ($user->products as $userProduct){
            $product = NULL;
            // search a corresponding matrix row
            foreach ($shop->products->all() as $shopProduct) {
                // have to get the entry to access the slug and other fields (I work with slugs 
                in the front)
                $shopProductEntry = $shopProduct->product->one();
                if ($shopProductEntry->slug == $userProduct->slug) {
                    $product = $shopProduct;
                    $product->shopProduct = $shopProductEntry;

            if ($procut)
                 $totalPrice += $product->price;

    return $totalPrice;

What do you think about this ? Kind of crap right ? I have like 40 shops and 10 products for few users and it takes one to two seconds to get a response with 0 load on the server since the website is not public yet.

Thanks for reading me,


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