I have a website that uses a "load more" button. The process for this button can be found here:


I made it pretty much verbatim (structure-wise with Element API) to that article, but I want to skip the first 6 entries because they are featured elsewhere on the site. So I tried to add .offset('6') to the for loop, and that did skip the first 6 entries. But when the "load more" button is clicked it would display the second 6 entries again (duplicates) then when you click the button again it properly continues down the list of entries.

So, how can I skip the first 6 entries in this scenario without having duplicates?

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If you always want to skip the first 6 entries, you can modify the Element API endpoint to add 6 to the offset number in the query criteria:

$criteria = [
    'section' => $settings['section'], 
    'limit' =>  $settings['limit'],
    'offset' =>  ($settings['limit'] * Craft::$app->request->getParam('offset')) + 6,
    'order' => $settings['orderBy'],

That should mean you're always receiving results that are offset by the required amount for your request, plus the first 6 entries that you always want to skip.


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