I have a drop down select that I am populating with sites. I've added a lightswitch field (handle 'showInDropDown') to the global set 'siteInfo' with the hope of getting the lightswitch value per site in the loop below.

{% for siteId in currentSite.group.sites %}
    {% set setForSiteId = craft.app.getGlobals().getSetByHandle('siteInfo', SiteId =5) %}
    {{ setForSiteId.showInDropdown }}
{% endfor %}

The lightswitch field is set to translate per site. setForSiteId is always coming back null:

Impossible to access an attribute ("showInDropdown") on a null variable.

I am not sure if I am missing something. Is there another way to access global variables/values per site?


Finally solved with the following code:

    <select  class="form-control " name="sites" id="company-select">
    <option value="" class="small text-muted">Please select your company</option>
    {% for site in allSites %}
        {% set siteId = site.id %}
        {% set groupId = site.getGroup().id %}
        {% if groupId == '5' %}
            {% set setForSiteId = craft.app.getGlobals().getSetByHandle('siteInfo', siteId) %}
            {% if setForSiteId.showInDropdown == '1' %}
            <option value="{{baseUrl ~ '/' ~ site.handle }}">{{site.name}}</option>
                {% endif %}
        {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}

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