I need to get the field type in my templates like I used to do: field.getField.type but that does not seem to be working in Craft 3 anymore. The result is always null. It also seems that the »type« column is gone completely from the craft_fields table.

How do I get the field type in Craft 3?

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There might be other ways, but here's one possibility:

{{ craft.app.fields.getFieldByHandle('yourFieldHandle').className() }}

This will return a string of craft\fields\PlainText, craft\fields\Lightswitch etc, which you can then use in conditionals/switch statements.

  • Thank you, that worked! But why is it suddenly that complicated? Jun 22, 2020 at 19:12
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    A question I ask myself almost daily... not so much in relation to Craft, but the whole web dev industry. I'm not best placed to answer it in relation to Craft, but I would hazard a guess that these kind of changes relate to the fact that Craft 3 is far more sophisticated than Craft 2: the added sophistication means technical debt needs to be very tightly managed, and limiting a field's output to be a simple string instead of a complex object with actionable methods like getField() is probably a significant performance boost. Just guessing, who knows... Jun 23, 2020 at 10:20

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