I have an asset volume which uses dynamic subfolders on the field level.

I have an assets volume called 'members'. In a matrix field on the user profile tab there is an image field that sets its upload directory to be {owner.author.username} within the members volume. In my filesystem there is a folder called web/images/members/username (where username is the actual username). This folder contains images.

FYI this Craft site is 5 years old and has recently gone through a major upgrade to Craft v3.

I cannot get the assets field to show existing images when trying to edit it in the admin panel.

I have tried various permutations in the dynamic subfolder path, for example:

  • {owner.username}
  • {currentUser.username}
  • {{currentUser.username}}

But in no situation can I get the field to see the images in the subfolder.

There are fields in matrixes and also basic asset fields not in matrixes that have this issue, so I need assistance in how to set up the matrix asset fields and non-matrix asset fields to be able to see the same folder.

Many thanks

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For a field outside the Matrix, you can use {username} and for the one in the Matrix, use {owner.username} - see docs

You might need to run Utilities → Asset Indexes.

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