I have a Channel 'Articles' with an Entries field which is linked to entries in 'Staff Members' channel. This is so that articles can be assigned to different members of staff.

I have the generic listing (all articles) page working fine I just need to show the same page but filtered by a selected staff memeber. E.g. When viewing an individual article by a member of staff I would like to link to a page which only lists the articles assigned to that particular staff member. This far would be ok but if possible I would also like to get the staff member name into the url... http://mysite/staff/joe-bloggs/articles

Any suggestions?

Many thanks


Set up a custom route in config/routes.php so that that URI points to your existing listing template:

return [
    'staff/<route_staffMember>/articles' => ['template' => '_listings/default'],

Then simply use the relatedTo parameter to alter which entries get listed. The template will have access to a variable called route_staffMember which you can use to fork logic between the filtered/non-filtered views. (I like to prefix these variables with route_ because when I look at the code 6 months later I always scratch my head wondering where this magic variable is being set!)

For example:


{% set staffMemberId = route_staffMember is defined ? craft.entries.section('staff').slug(route_staffMember).ids() : null %}
{% set entries = craft.entries.section('articles').relatedTo(staffMemberId).all() %}

{# ...or, if you're using pagination: #}
{% paginate craft.entries.section('articles').relatedTo(staffMemberId).limit(12) as pageInfo, entries %}
  • Sorry, this is out of my brain range! I have set it up as you suggest but I get 'template not found'. I think I may be using the wrong method to link to the page? On the individual article page I have a link that looks like this <a href="/staff/{{ staff.title|kebab }}/articles">See more articles by {{ staff.title }}</a>. I'm setting the 'staff' variable with {% set staff = entry.linkArticleWithStaffMember.one() %} where linkArticleWithStaffMember is an entries field.
    – Martin
    Jun 8 '20 at 9:40
  • It should work ok... double-check your syntax. What is your template called that you want to route to? I named mine _listings/default - be sure to change that to whatever template you're using. Jun 8 '20 at 13:15

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