Please bear with me as I try to explain what's going on. Feel free to ask for more details if needed.

Simply put, Super Table fields in Matrix blocks are giving me trouble for multi-site.

I am running Craft 3.4.2, and the latest version of Super Table, 2.4.9.

I rolled back to Craft 3.4.1 and Super Table to 2.4.5, and experienced the same problems below.

Expected Behavior: When I add a new site(language), the content that is already in the default site will propagate to the fields in the new site when the fields are properly configured to either 'translate for each site' or 'not translatable' and/or 'save blocks to all sites the owner element is saved in'.

Actual Behavior: All fields except Super Table fields inside Matrix blocks propagate to the new sites automatically.

Also note that after new sites are added, if I change one of these Super Table fields inside a Matrix block in the default site/language and resave the entry, then the content will propagate to the other sites/languages, but content propagation does not happen automatically after adding the new site, as I expect it should, and as happens in other fields.

Questions: 1.) How do I figure out if this is a Super Table bug, or a Craft bug? (I have not seen similar issues on the Super Table github page) 2.) Is anyone else experiencing this? 3.) How can I fix it?(the most important question:) )

Thank you in advance whoever can guide me in this, or point me in the right direction.

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