The Feed Me documentation says

"Provide the URL for your feed. This can be an absolute URL, relative (to the web root) and make use of any aliases"

That's pretty confusing language. I thought I could create a folder in public called "feeds" that would contain my .csv. For example, /public/feeds/feed.csv. So I entered feeds/feed.csv in the Feed URL field. That didn't work. I was confused because "relative (to the web root)" doesn't really mean a relative path.

Is it true that the Feed URL needs to be an absolute URL in the form of http(s)://domain.tld/feed/feed.csv? I understand that aliases can be used and you wouldn't necessarily need to enter the domain in this field, but in general is this the required format?

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i placed a test file named test.json in web folder of Craft CMS and put test.json in feed URL and it doesn't work -so it is not relative to web root as default-.

but when it says absolute format i believe it is /var/www/html/craft/web/test.json -in local ubuntu, in your case maybe {maybe top folders}/public/feeds/feed.csv- or as path alias format: @webroot/test.json which both of them works for me.

as you mentioned URL format http(s)://domain.tld/test.json or @web/test.json works too.

docs for path alias


If you are using an external feed as your source - yes, you are right, it needs to be an absolute URL.

However, you can use aliases defined by Craft CMS and Yii2 to access a directory within the installation. (please refer to the aliases here)

For example, if your feed is inside the storage/feeds/import.xml, you can refer to it in the Feed configuration as:

  • '@storage' => dirname(DIR) . '/storage', Unable to reach @storage/feeds/docs.json. Message: Unable to parse data. Commented Nov 13, 2021 at 15:06

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