I am looking for a user-friendly, non-destructive way define an image crop when editing an entry with an asset field.

  • Should be able to visually define an image crop
  • Should be able to change the crop when editing the entry
  • Should not crop/overwrite the original image
  • Should not generate a new asset in the asset library for the cropped image

I am aware of the built-in cropping tool, but it is not very userfriendly since it either crops the original asset (destructive) or creates a new asset with the cropped image (confusing and messy). This (A) makes it confusing to edit the cropping (you need to hunt down the original asset and create a new crop) and (B) introduces the need to sanitize your asset folders to remove unused crops.

I am also aware of the Ansel plug-in which pretty much does what I want but seems to be abandoned by the author. It does not work with Craft>3.1, as acknowledged by its author here.

Does anyone know of a third option for this?

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    Have you tried using a crop transform? You can allow the user to simply set the focal point for each image. – Lindsey D May 14 at 15:00
  • @LindseyD This would be the easiest solution, but the client needs more precise control over the crop than offered with the focal point – ilantica May 15 at 7:11

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