In Craft CMS Twig template I am trying to sort Entries by post date using SuperSort.

An old template on Craft CMS PRO is using:

{% set products = products | supersort('rsortAs', '{ postDate }') %}

And this works as expected.

But after updating to Craft CMS PRO this is throwing an error:

PHP Recoverable Error – yii\base\ErrorException
Object of class DateTime could not be converted to string

I tried updating to:

{% set products = products | supersort('rsortAs', '{ entry.postDate }') %}

But the sorting does not work as expected, ie. nothing is sorted by date.

I saw this Using Supersort with date field but that is not helpful as I am using the latest plugin version.

I'm missing something or doing something wrong?!

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Figured it out, needed to format the postDate object accordingly:

{% set products = products | supersort('rsortAs', '{ postDate | date("U") }') %}

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