TL:DR; How do I add a custom sorting to Craft?

I am currently building a system which is very tag-centric. I am rebuilding my side project in CraftCMS (https://email.subscribeto.at/) which was custom PHP as a prototype.

Entries are tagged with one or more categories, then on the front-end the user can search for categories and the results are returned.

Currently, the results can be sorted by "relevance" which I would like to replicate on CraftCMS.

I tried to use .search() as it has a score, however this score is not what I want as it is not additive. I want to search with OR but for the score to be additive.

For example, if I have 2 entries, one with tags "a" and on with "a, b" and I search for "a, b", the first one has a score of 50 (as 100% of it's tags match 50% of the search) and the second a score of 17 (not sure how it gets this, would expect 100%)

Also, .search seems a bit fragile when I could us relatedTo().

I have a local module installed for some overrides already, so my question is:

How would I add a custom property to each entry and then order by that?

Thanks in advance for your help

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You can add custom properties to elements using behaviors. In this case you want to add your 'getSearchScore()' logic.

Here's a good article on how behaviors work in Craft CMS and a current PR on the documentation to have behaviors information added.

  • Thanks! I've been able to now add the behaviour, I am struggling to order by that behaviour when returning the entries May 15, 2020 at 18:07

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