I'm trying to build something to search my data that is stored in Craft with graphql. To make pagination work I want to know how many results there are in total.

I'm doing a query like this:

query($search: String, $relatedTo: [Int]) {
  entries(section: "address", search: $search, orderBy: "companyName", relatedTo: $relatedTo, limit: 10, offset: 0) {
    ... on address_address_Entry {

Truncated for readability

I set a limit and an offset to see the first 10 results. But i also need to know the total amount to determine how many pages there are

I've seen that there is a _count field of type Int on the entryInterface which says "Return a number of related elements for a field." But it seems to just give me the field's value itself, if I, for example, add it like this:

query($search: String, $relatedTo: [Int]) {
  entries(section: "address", search: $search, ... same) {

It just adds in the response {"_count": "8154"} (which is the id, so not very usefull)

I've looked at graphql docs: https://graphql.org/learn/pagination/

But it doesn't work to just add 'pageInfo' or 'totalCount', neither does the cursor stuff.

Any help to get this working is welcome!

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Try entryCount. You can also add arguments to this, such as section: entryCount(section:"news"), for example.

  • Thanks, but: There doesn't seem to be such option in what i'm trying. Can you elaborate how you've done this? All i get is "cannot query "entryCount" on query" or "cannot query "entryCount" on type elementInterface" Or i just don't know where to put the "entryCount", also possible!
    – Vincent
    Jun 18, 2020 at 15:32
  • Fastforward however much time has passed. Looking back at graphql in the current version of Craft (3.5.8) and 'entryCount' works fully as expected. I haven't looked into the changelog, but I'm assuming it has been added somewheren between then and now! Marking your answer as accepted for if anybody is looking for it.
    – Vincent
    Sep 7, 2020 at 10:19

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