Ok, my mind is about to implode with this… any help on template syntax very welcome!

I have 2 Sections: ‘artists’ and ‘schedules

In the ‘schedules’ section I have a Matrix field called ‘stageSchedule’, with a Block type called ‘dayOfEvent

In that Block type I have a Super Table field called ‘schedule’. - breakdown....

  • schedules (Section)
    • stageSchedule (Matrix) > dayOfEvent (Block)
      • schedule (Block field (Super Table)) - ST

In ‘schedule (ST)’ I have a date field called ‘timeOn’, which is when the artist is due to be on stage. I thought I could get this information from ‘schedule (ST)’ by having an ENTRIES field called 'act' (in the same ST field) which is linked to a specific artist from the ‘artists' section.

What I want to do... On the individual ‘Artist Bio’ pages I want to display what time they’re going to be on stage by pulling that information from ‘schedule > stageSchedule (M) > dayOfEvent (B) > schedule (ST) > ‘timeOn’.

I have tried every which way but I either get an error or nothing at all :/

I hope that makes sense... Thanks to anyone who can work this one out!


As a test I created a Super Table field on it's own (not within Matrix) and got the data correctly using this:

{% set reverseRelatedElements = craft.superTable.getRelatedElements({
    relatedTo: {
      targetElement: entry,
      field: 'testTimes.artist' // Super Table Field
    section: 'schedules’
  }) %}

  {% for relatedEntry in reverseRelatedElements %}
    {{ relatedEntry.testTimes.timeon|datetime('H:i') }}
    {{ relatedEntry.testTimes.timeOff|datetime('H:i') }}
  {% endfor %}

So basically I need to do the same but target a Super Table field nested in a Matrix field? Here's an image...

enter image description here

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I didn't test it yet but it should like this :

{% set entries = craft.entries().section('schedules').all() %}
{% for entry in entries %}
{% for block in entry.stageSchedule : %}
    {% if block.type == 'yourblocktype' : %}
         {% for item in block.schedule %}
            {{ item.timeOn }}
         {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

I assume there is only one entry in schedules sections. Please be remind block type is different with block name. Hope this help.

  • Hi @aodihis, there are more than one entries because there are more than one stages. I have tried your solution as follows but I get an error (Key "stageSchedule" for array with keys "0, 1" does not exist.). {% set entry = craft.entries().section('shedules').all() %} {% for block in entry.stageSchedule %} {% if block.type == 'dayOfEvent' %} {% for item in block.schedule %} {{ item.timeOn|datetime('short') }} {% endfor %} {% endif %} {% endfor %}
    – Martin
    Commented Apr 26, 2020 at 18:23
  • @Martin , I see so we need to do a loop for each entry. I have updated the answer.
    – aodihis
    Commented Apr 27, 2020 at 13:48
  • 1
    Hi @aodihis, thank you but I can't see how your solution is looking for the reverse relation with 'artist'? --- I have edited my post with more information if it helps?
    – Martin
    Commented Apr 27, 2020 at 17:11

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