I'm trying to create an environment variable for email settings, but it doesn't work. Here is my email setting at config/general.php

'dev' => [
    '@host' => 'host',
    '@port' => '587',
    '@username' => 'user@user',
    '@password' => 'passwrod'

This is my email setting

I have also tried before to configure the email setting using this way at config/app.php, but it doesn't work.

'components' => [
    'mailer' => function() {
        // Get the stored email settings
        $settings = Craft::$app->systemSettings->getEmailSettings();

        // Override the transport adapter class
        $settings->transportType = \craft\mail\transportadapters\Smtp::class;

        // Override the transport adapter settings
        $settings->transportSettings = [
            'host' => 'host',
            'port' => '587',
            'useAuthentication' => true,
            'username' => 'user@user',
            'password' => 'passwrod'

        return craft\helpers\MailerHelper::createMailer($settings);

Am I doing anything wrong?

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I think you're getting a few conventions mixed up.

Using an @ is typically reserved for aliases https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/config/environments.html#using-aliases-in-control-panel-settings

What you're probably looking for is environment variables in your .env file.

You could set:


Then from Settings->Email in the control panel, you can reference them with $ https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/config/environments.html#control-panel-settings


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