I've followed this old guide which didnt work, probably due to it being for Craft 2, so I modified it to what I assumed would work.

I changed the /actions/tags/createTag to /actions/tags/create-tag as apparently this is what Craft 3 needs.

I also updated the code to include the CSRF token when posting data via jQuery.post() as well using this Craft guide

But I was still getting errors with the following code

      <div id="tags">
        {% for tag in craft.tags.group('skills').limit(null) %}
                <input type="checkbox" name="fields[skills][]" value="{{ tag.id }}">
              {{ tag.title }}
        {% endfor %}

<a id="new-tag">+ New tag</a>

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.4.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
    window.csrfTokenName = "{{ craft.app.config.general.csrfTokenName|e('js') }}";
    window.csrfTokenValue = "{{ craft.app.request.csrfToken|e('js') }}";

<script type="text/javascript">

        var name = prompt('What’s the new tag name?');

        if (!name) return;

        var data = {
            'groupId': '2',
            'title' : name,

        var myJSON = JSON.stringify(data);

        $.post('/actions/tags/create-tag', myJSON, function(response, textStatus, jqXHR)
            if (response.success)
                $('<label>' +
                      '<input type="checkbox" name="fields[skills][]" value="'+response.id+'" checked="checked"/> ' +
                    name +
                alert('Unable to create that tag.');



I got a 400 bad request and it says 'unable to verify your data submission'

So I turn off CSRF protection in the general just to see if anything else is wrong.

Then I get a different bad request saying 'Bad Request: Request must accept JSON in response'...

So I have no idea what or why this isn't working. I also altered the orignal code to JSON.stringify the data as originally I was getting an error that I had to send in JSON.

Anyway I can't work out what else is wrong so would love some help.

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