How can I create dynamic paths for asset uploads? Basically I want my structure to be like so;


I have a field called gallery for the above assets.

Then I have sections for company, products and services. Each section uses the gallery field. Products and Services uses a related content field for the company (called company).

I want to use the gallery field across all sections, but then set the dynamic paths per service/product and company inline with the above structure.

Here is what I have tried but it just errors out. I have tried various combinations and some work some don't, but I cannot get to desired structure.

{% section == 'Company' ? slug : company.one|kebab %}/{section|kebab}

How can I achieve this or is there a way I can inject some better twig logic into the subfolder field?

enter image description here

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So this was a simple fix and not to use {% %} tags but instead to use {{ }} tags. Changing the above logic in the subdirectories filed like so seems to have resolved the issue.

{{ section == 'Company' ? slug : company.one|kebab }}/{section|kebab}

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