I try to add a class to tag ul by field Redactor. I have prepered special config file for Redactor. For example in Redactor field a have a created simple list so i select this list and next from formatting option i choose my new created option which should add a class to that ul tag and unfortunately it not works.

However if i use this option on standard paragraph class is added. So i have not idea what i do wrong.

Below content my config file:

  "buttons": ["formatting", "bold", "italic", "unorderedlist", "orderedlist", "link", "html", "fontcolor", "image"],
  "plugins": ["fullscreen", "fontcolor", "alignment"],
  "linkNewTab": true,
  "toolbarFixed": true,
  "formattingAdd": {

    "list-columns-3-each-under": {
      "title": "list-columns-3-each-under",
      "api": "module.block.format",
      "args": {

        "type": "add",

        "class": "my-class-for-list"



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