I'm trying to create a more interactive experience to upload moultiple images on a frontend entry form.

Things I have done:

  1. I have implemented the code here: https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/dev/examples/entry-form.html
  2. I also know about https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/assets-fields.html#templating
  3. I tried to implement this: Does anyone have a working example of frontend form with multiple file upload, drag & drop etc?
  4. I have also looked into: https://github.com/fruitstudios/craft-uploadit but the plugin seems unfinished.

Item number 3 seems the closest to what I am looking to do, but it's for CraftCMS 2 and I have tried to update the code for CraftCMS 3 with no luck. Specifically there seems to be an issue with {{ url(actions/assets/uploadFile) }}

Ideally I'm trying to integrate either dropzone.js or jQuery Upload into a frontend form to create entries with upload assets (images) that a user can add to and re-arrange.

Any ideas / thinking greatly appreciated.

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