just built a blog with craft, and I got some issues with assets pathing. In the general.php I put

return array(
    'environmentVariables' => array(
            'basePath' => '/images',
            'baseUrl'  => 'https://site.com',

But when I put {basePath} to assets path, the system creates a {basePath} named folder in root and looks for the image folder there. Also the {baseUrl} is looking like this in the code:


Am I doing something wrong?


Assuming this is using Craft 3, you should use aliases.

In your config/general.php add:

'aliases' => [
    'web' => 'https://site.com',
    'webroot' => dirname(__DIR__) . '/web'

Then in your Control Panel, under Settings → Assets → Images, set your Base URL to @web/images and File System Path to @webroot/images.

  • Thank you so much Oli, this resolved the issue. Apr 17 '20 at 13:05

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