I have a category tree like this and I have an entry that has four categories A, A1, B, C2:

  • A
    • A1
    • A2
  • B
    • B1
    • B2
  • C
    • C1
    • C2

I want a query that ignores A and returns only A1, B, C2, because I don't want to display the parent category of a sub-category that's also displayed.

{% for category in entry.businessTypes.all() %}{{ category.title }}{% endfor %} returns all: A, A1, B, C2

{% for category in entry.businessTypes.leaves().all() %}{{ category.title }}{% endfor %} returns A2, C2 but not B.

{% for category in entry.businessTypes.hasDescendants().all() %}{{ category.title }}{% endfor %} returns A, B but not A1, C2.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


I could not test it, but you could try:

If you always have a Parent and 2 levels

entry.businessTypes.level('>= 2').all()

If you want to only get the lowest, you could try to assign it with a condition:

{% if categories = entry.businessTypes.children %} 
    {% set categories = entry.businessTypes.level('>= 2').all() %}
{% else categories = entry.businessTypes.children %} 
    {% set categories = entry.businessTypes.all() %}
{% endif %}

{% for category in categories %} ... {% endfor %}
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