I'm trying to upgrade Craft from and I'm getting an error. I am updating via Composer and get the following error when I run the migration script after upgrading:

Unknown Property: Setting unknown property: verbb\supertable\fields\SuperTableField::propagationMethod

Migration: craft\migrations\m190913_152146_update_preview_targets

I received a similar error when I tried to run the save entries script from the CLI as recommended in the upgrade documentation.

- Resaving test (10554) ... error: Setting unknown property: verbb\supertable\fields\SuperTableField::propagationMethod

I'm running the upgrade on my local server via Valet. Restoring the database brings me back to the migration screen...

Any suggestions would be helpful.

  • If there is a better place to direct this question, please let me know. At the moment I’m dead in the water on this update attempt... Commented Apr 10, 2020 at 22:51

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On the chance that anyone is having this same issue, here is what I needed to do to fix the issue (based on help provided by Craft's Support -- many thanks to them):

The Super Table plugin was out of date. The admin panel didn't show the issue and a composer update didn't either. I had to manually update the composer.json file to reflect the current Super Table version, "verbb/super-table": "2.4.9". Then I was able to clear the composer cache and run an update. The migration then worked just fine.

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