I've got a page with a couple of levels of loops. It takes a section of speakers, groups them by state, and then loops through the states, and then loops through speakers in that state. It's not too complex so I wouldn't expect to see an error like "nesting too deep".

Here's (a reduction of) the code:

{% set speakersByState = speakers|group(s => s.state.one().slug) %}
{% for state, speakers in speakersByState %}
    {% for speaker in speakers|sort %}
      <li>{{ speaker.title }}</li>
    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

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I figured this out, with help from a GitHub thread or too. It appeared that using the sort filter on an array of objects was problematic. I was able to fix this by sorting the keys in speakers instead of directly sorting speakers.

Working code:

{% for speakerKey in speakers|keys|sort %}
  {% set speaker = speakers[speakerKey] %}

  <li>{{ speaker.title }}</li>
{% endfor %}

I'm not 1000% sure exactly what was breaking, but I think by using |sort on a collection of objects, PHP ended up recursively looping through the speakers array in an attempt to sort it.

Here are some related threads that I pieced together to guess that |sort was the problem:

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