I'm trying to save all the images related to an entry in a variable. I need the images that are added through a matrix field in the entry. I'm using the following code, but am then also getting images associated with disabled matrix blocks. I only need images from matrix blocks that are enabled.

FYI - body and builder are matrix fields and asset is the corresponding block handle.

{% set imageAssets = craft.assets().relatedTo([
  { sourceElement: entry, field: 'body.asset' },
  { sourceElement: entry, field: 'builder.asset' },
]).all() %}

Is there a way I can add conditions onto the fields that I am passing into the relatedTo parameter?


This turned out to be a Craft bug. I’ve posted an issue for it at https://github.com/craftcms/cms/issues/5849, and fixed it for the next release (3.4.12).

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