How do I reference a specific folder (by name) inside of a specific volume. I cannot use the folder ID, I must use the folder name because the name of the folder is a variable related to specific entries.


You could run a query to fetch the folderId you need based on the name:

{# Change this to your volumeId #}
{% set volumeId = yourVolumeId %}

{# Change this to your folderName #}
{% set folderName = yourFolderName %}

{# Returns an ID if there is a match, otherwise false #}
{% set folderId = craft
    .where(['=','parentId', volumeId])
    .andWhere(['=','name', folderName])
    .scalar() %}

{% if folderId %}
    {% set assets = craft.assets().folderId(folderId).all() %}

    {% for asset in assets %}
    {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

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