Which is the least CPU intensive (SQL-intensive) way to get the sum of products that are relatedTo a category?

Like this?

{% set productCount = craft.products.relatedTo(category)|length %}

  • As far as I am aware, yes. Feb 28, 2020 at 16:47

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When you call the |length twig filter you are implicitly treating the element query as an array. This behaviour was depreciated in Craft 3, and also results in a DB query being sent that is equivalent to .count() (Craft 3) or .total() (Craft 2).

To remain up to date, while still minimising SQL load for your page: either call the relevant command (.count(), .total()):

{% set productCount = craft.products.relatedTo(category).count() %}

Or, if you're going to be doing a full (limit: null) query at some point anyway, do that now and then use the length filter:

{% set products = craft.products.relatedTo(category).limit(null).all() %}
{% set productCount = products|length %}
  • Thanks for the explanation Nick.
    – nitech
    Mar 2, 2020 at 10:11

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