I set up the business logic module template following these instructions: https://doublesecretagency.github.io/craft-businesslogic/installation

The test works out well, so everything seems to be in order.

However, when I add the example action to a form and submit it, I get a 404:

Unable to resolve the request "business-logic/example/example-form-submit".

How do I find and fix the underlying issue?

EDIT: I tried setting up a module via https://pluginfactory.io/ and that works like a charm.

  • Are you logged in or logged out when you are submitting the form? Perhaps try enabling anonymous access... – Lindsey D Feb 24 at 19:21
  • Hi Lindsey, yes I am logged in as admin user. Even when enabling anonymous access it returns a 404. I've managed to solve my problem using the pluginfactory, but I wonder whether anything is wrong with the craft-businesslogic. – Mitchell Feb 25 at 7:31
  • Very strange. I am the author of the Business Logic template, and everything you've posted looks like it should work as intended. I'm glad you got a solution worked out with pluginfactory.io! If you'd still like me to address the Business Logic issue, feel free to post it on Github. – Lindsey D Feb 26 at 17:46
  • Thanks Lindsey. In the end I figured out a way to get what I needed without using a module, since I couldn't get the php/craft code working (I don't know anything about that so was a bit lost). – Mitchell Feb 27 at 22:14

Did you remember to add the action as a hidden input (<input type="hidden" name="action" value="business-logic/example/example-form-submit">, rather than an action attribute on the form? And also use method="post" on the form.

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  • Yes, it's set up like that and I've tried via the {{ actionInput() }} as well. – Mitchell Feb 24 at 14:42

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