I have a transform in my CP called detail large. IN my template the image will render normally.

<img class="img-fluid"  src="{{ image.getUrl() }}" >

Wen i want to use the transform like below:

<img class="img-fluid"  src="{{ image.getUrl('detailLarge') }}" >

I get a 404.

The image path created for the transformed asset is:


but not folder or assets is ever created there. Permissions and aliases are fine.

  • What happens if you put a transform code in instead of the named transform? {{ image.getUrl({width: 200, height: 200}) }}? Also, have you checked here – billythekid Feb 21 at 10:21
  • Same issue with that. The path problem sounds reasonable line of inquiry but it all seems set up fine and I have quite a few setup with .env variables for general config – joomkit Feb 21 at 10:46

Solved - was a local path issue

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